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Stray cats are also picked up and brought to this shelter. Please check this web site and call the shelter for availability of a certain cat or kitten. Cats, kittens, dogs & puppies are picked up daily; do not depend on this site for up to the minute arrivals or departures.

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Kittens 6 mos. or less $35 s/n hold

Fee includes Rabies, Distemper shots, spay/neuter and FIV Leukemia Test.


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Male cats can be neutered on our site on Mondays and Fridays.

Call 725-0115 for an appointment.

Our onsite fees are as follows;

$30 - neutering

$55 - neutering, and shots (rabies & distemper)

$80 - neutering, shots & Fiv/Felv Tests.


FELINE FRENZY ADOPTION SPECIAL is in effect from now until the end of August! We are bursting at the seams with adoptable cats and kittens of just about every size, shape, and color. For the remainder of this month, the adoption fee on all cats and kittens has been lowered to $25. This adoption fee includes age appropriate vaccinations, FIV/FeLv testing,and spaying or neutering.
Stop in and find the PURRFECT addition to your family.


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First-Aid Kit Essentials  

Emergencies seldom give warning, but we can be ready for them. Most people have first aid kits on hand for themselves and family members. But what about your animals? Pet care experts recommend having a pet first aid kit that's right where you need it if an animal emergency occurs.

You can buy kits that are pre-assembled or assemble your own. Keep them in different locations so that you are prepared at all times, in all places. It's wise to keep one kit at home, one in the car, and wherever else your pet spends time -- the office, a relative's or friend's home, a vacation retreat, etc. If customizing your own, use a container that is sturdy, waterproof and easy to spot when you need to locate it in a hurry.

Here is what every basic first aid kit

should contain:

  • Phone numbers and addresses: Veterinarian, Emergency Vet, Poison Control
  • Basic pet first-aid book
  • Photocopies of your pet's paperwork: important medical records, vaccinations, etc.
  • Medical gloves: to protect hands and prevent contamination
  • Scissors: to cut gauze or the animal's hair
  • Bottled water
  • A mild antibacterial soap: to clean skin and wounds
  • Paper towels
  • Gauze pads: for wounds
  • Gauze rolls: for wounds and can also be used as a temporary muzzle
  • Alcohol prep pads: to sterilize equipment - NOT for use on wounds
  • Self-adhesive bandages: flexible bandage used to wrap and stabilize injuries (do not wrap too tightly)
  • A large cloth towel: to wrap animal
  • Hydrogen peroxide: to clean minor wounds
  • Eyewash: such as contact lens solution or water in a squeeze bottle to gently but thoroughly flush out wounds and eyes
  • Antibiotic ointment: for cuts and abrasions (never for eyes)
  • Cotton applicator swabs
  • Tweezers: for the removal of foreign objects from skin and paws; and for the proper removal of ticks

One important rule to observe: make sure to always read directions and warnings before applying any medications, either prescribed or over the counter, to your pet. If you have an emergency, you should always contact your veterinarian for further instruction.

Please make sure to always read directions and warnings before applying any medications to your pet.   


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